…97, 98…

We hear from Anna who is counting down… sorry, up…

Another two very pleasant marathons ticked off this weekend.
Saturday was the LDWA Charnwood Marathon. Last year this was my first ever LDWA event and it was great to go back. I learnt that having done it before does not make the navigation any easier – while I recognised a lot of the course, we still had to stop several times to re-read the instructions to work out where to go. It was much hillier than I had remembered too, including a trip up to the highest point in Leicestershire. I ran with Heather and we took it very steady as we were worried about the 5:30 cut off time on the South Downs the following day. We rocked up to the finish in 5:21 then picked up some welcome soup, as well as a patch and certificate.
Sunday was the Brighton Trail Marathon, a 27 mile route out of Brighton, over the hills of the South Downs. It was indeed hilly, but with beautiful views and pleasant sunny spells. There was a lot of headwind too, but overall it didn’t seem as tough as we were expecting. I’ve found that on the second day of a double I tend to feel a lot stronger, as reflected in the 4:46 finish time. This one had a banana, a T shirt and a shot glass at then end.
So, this time next week, if all goes to plan, I’ll have run my 100th marathon. I’m quite excited about that. 
Fingers crossed…! Ed