Vegan Runner completes 52 different parkruns in 2018!

Vegan Runner completes 52 different parkruns in 2018!


In 2018 Daniel Patrick started to represent Vegan Runners, like many of us do, by attending the weekly Saturday 5k parkruns.   Now some of us even do a little parkrun tourism, when visiting family or friends. But Daniel took parkrun tourism to a whole new level by running 52 different parkruns in 2018. Yep, you worked it out, that’s a new course every week.  Not only does this make him possibly the most nationally travelled vegan runner in the club but he also got to meet so many VR’s from all around the country.

Talking to Daniel about his experience, he explained “I don’t think I’ll ever manage this again, so I guess I have to brag about it.  I’ve done 52 different parkruns this year and in the process visited more of the UK than I ever have before. I met a lot of friendly and interesting people while running during 2018, many of whom wore VR colours. Thanks all of you for keeping me plodding on each week”.

If you want to know where Daniel travelled to, then here’s a map of the 52 runs 52 parkrun locations

From everyone at Vegan Runners, congratulations to Daniel and we’ll see you at parkrun in 2019 !