2013 Vegan Welsh 3,000s – February Update

Organiser Kirsch Bowker gives us a rundown of progress on the mid-June event and where you can help.

Registration is going really well, with folk travelling as far away as China especially to take part!! 
As last year, the race is open to anybody who is hill fit and capable to run the course and navigate. We insist that everyone is vegan throughout the day as we hope that it will encourage veggies and omnis to consider veganism. We will check food at kit check. Everyone has been very positive about the race with some great publicity through many mainstream publications. 
The race is a UTMB qualifier
We need more women taking part
We hope to launch a kickstarter appeal in the next couple of days to raise funds for a video of the event, a vegan band are doing the soundtrack. 
Lupine Adventure are holding a fell runners’ navigation day on 13 April for us in Snowdonia.
For more information have a look at www.vegan-welsh-3000s.co.ukor www.facebook.com/vegan.welsh.3000s
Please let other people know about V3K, the more veggies and vegans who take part the more chance we have of converting folk and the more vegans the more likely we are to have a vegan winner.
We’re trying to arrange for Scott Jurek to compete as we know he is coming to UK this year or 2014 with talkultra but the date isn’t set yet… fingers crossed!
There are 3 races, Ultra @ 55km and 4,500m of ascent, Ultra Extreme @ 84km and 8,000m of ascent plus Vegan Carneddau 14 miles all set in Snowdonia National Park
If folk can think of ways to make it better please let me know, also if anybody has time to help out with things such as social media, contacting press, admin, sponsorships and grants etc then drop me a line.
Its really exciting!!
Hope to see some of you in June either taking part or helping
Kirsch x