100 Club AGM Handicap Marathon

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From: Anna Finn <anna.finn@googlemail.com>
Date: 2010/1/9
Subject: Forgot to tell you about Sunday’s marathon…
To: maria hamilton <maria8hamilton@googlemail.com>

We hear from Anna who has, oh, you can guess…!

On 3rd January I did the 100 Club AGM Handicap Marathon, which follows a 5 lap course, starting at an athletics track in Bromley. I like multiple lap courses and this one was pleasant enough: mostly road but also a bit of track and a farm with a big dung heap to run round. It was pretty flat too.

The handicap times were calculated from our last 7 road marathons. My avaerage time was 4 hours 21, giving me a start time of 10:09am. It was quite odd to set off alone on a marathon, though I was caught up by the chaps who started at 10:10 after a couple of miles. By the third lap there were plenty of us out on the course so it felt a little more sociable.

There was a lovely atmosphere despite the cold (though it was sunny with only a hint of sleet for a short while), with lots of friendly, familiar faces. I finished in 4:13:51, a bit faster than my average, which seemed like a good start to the year. The medal has the 100 Club logo on it and it’s got me really looking forward to completing my hundred, hopefully in May this year.

Tomorrow most events have been cancelled, but a friend has organised a marathon in Stevenage, which I’ll do provided the public transport can get me there through the potential snow.