White Peak Marathon – Anna Finn

We hear from … oh go on, you can guess…

I did the White Peak Marathon yesterday. The weather was typically English, with a good mix of sun, rain and wind. The rain was lovely when it was a pleasantly light drizzle and the wind was welcome as a tail wind, but the combination turned into a storm of horizontal rain blowing into my face for a mile or two – not so nice!
The course is along a trail, very good underfoot most of the way. The first 7 miles are uphill – not steep, but enough to notice the incline, then it evens out before a couple of steep drops in the final few miles (see course elevation profile in the picture).
I felt a bit tired after running so much recently, but was pleased to get a finish time of 4:11:50. The finshers’ memento was a mug, making a welcome change from all the medals and T shirts.
This is a lovely event that I’ll definitely consider doing again. I’m not running a marathon now until the 31st [shocked we are, shocked! – Ed]- time for a nice rest then…
(Ed – I also found a pic. of Anna running – she provided the other 2)