What a Weekend!

Last weekend must have been one of the busiest to date for Vegan Runners UK members. Great turnouts for the Brighton Half and the Hugin 6 hour.

Craig Wallace reports on the Runduro where it wasn’t really vest weather:

‘Done the Runduro, at Fort William on Saturday. Its a multi-stage race, so you’re only timed for some parts of it. A nice route, on paths and forest tracks, up and over Cow Hill and a little bit up the Ben Nevis path.

Most of the timed stages seemed to be up or down steep hills, but at least you have the chance to relax/recover in between. A fair bit of snow on the ground, so quite slippy in places. And rather cold, a couple of snow showers. But great views from the top when the sun came out. A total of 20km with 750m elevation, about 11km was timed.

My official time was 1:32:21, position 86/117 (total time was about 3 hours).’

Craig Wallace at the Runduro

Craig Wallace at the Runduro

Matt Toy at National XC Champs

Matt Toy at National XC Champs

Matt Toy joined 5,000 odd runners at the National XC Championship’s at Parliament Hill – don’t know which is slippiest, that mud or Craig’s snow đŸ™‚

Matt Toy at National XC Champs2

Well done Judith Oakley getting 3rd place at the inaugural Garnswllt Activity Centre 8k trail race đŸ™‚

Judith Oakley Garnswllt Activity Centre 8k trail race

Judith Oakley at the Garnswllt Activity Centre 8k trail race

Jo Brown ran the Guildhall 10k while encouraging a veggie runner to take that last step towards veganism:

‘Ok no PB today due to needing to walk a little to recover from a stitch (but that’s another story!), new trainers dried out in time so wore them and they seem fine. It still feels a bit odd wearing the custom fitted footbeds, which probably shows how badly my old trainers fitted! I heard someone mention Vegan Runners when I walked into the Guildhall and at the start a chap said his girlfriend is vegan and struggles with what to eat, so we might get a new Winchester runner. Then I had a chap running behind me who has been vegetarian for 30 years, but can’t give up cheese, so we had a chat about nutritional yeast, as you do, so hopefully I’ve helped two people a bit today. Then at the end I had a new runner asking about my diet, so all in all I may have been a minute slower this week (seriously I should look at the course profile, not just if it’s close enough mileage wise!) but it’s never just been about PBs for me so it’s been a good morning.’

Member Claire Abbey was in Espoo, Finland competing in the Endurance 24 hour indoor track race where she finished with 145.09km, 12th lady and 47th of 109 overall – well done Claire!