We ask ourselves: does this man have a TV?

We hear from Joe Harling  who has been pret-ty busy….!

My time for the Seaview 17 ( 20 miler! ) 3 hrs 35 mins 57 secs.

Since then I did the ” Great West Fell Run” at Okehampton in 55mins 27secs on 31st July.

The Totnes 10k on 1st Aug in 52 mins 10 secs. Both unplanned – was away for the weekend and stumbled across them – can’t resist an off road run!

I also did the  Bung Inn Race near Bristol ( part of the Town & Country Harriers series – did all four ) on 5th Aug in 45 mins 02 secs ( 9km ), the Salisbury 54321 ( 50km ) in 5hrs 2 mins on 8th Aug and the Dorset Doddle ( 32 miles  Weymouth to Swanage on the coast path ) on 22nd Aug in 6 hrs 38 mins and 07 secs.

Today I did the Oke Croak ( 10.4 miles ) in 1hr 55 mins at Okehampton.


In the future we should look out for him at:

  • the Endurancelife Coast to Coast Adventure Race
  • the Endurancelife coastal marathon in the Isle of Wight on 25th Sept
  • the Cricklade 10km road race on 3rd Oct
  • the Mendip Muddle on the 10th Oct 
  • the Cabbage Patch 10 road race on 17th Oct 
  • the Barns Green 1/2 on 31st Oct
  • the Exmoor Stagger on 24th Oct

er that’s it!… Ed… who feels exhausted already….