Watford Half-Marathon 3rd February – Race Report from Laurence Klein

Diary Man I said Diary man, send him your running plans Laurence Klein reports from the Watford Half this weekend…

It wasn’t very warm at Watford either. The cold would’ve been bearable but accompanied by a gusty freezing wind, especially in the open countryside made it tough going. Those of us at the back of the pack also had snow flurries for the last few miles. VRUKers there: Peter Simpson, Frances Humphries and me in the colours, and Verna Burgess and Colin Braybrook wearing their other club vests. Yes, some people were wearing vests.


At about mile 10 when I just wanted it to end, someone ran up alongside me and started querying where vegans got their protein. We’re all used to these sorts of enquiries so I started going through the usual stuff, although the cold had numbed my face and talking was difficult. But this chap was insistent that vegans couldn’t get all the necessary proteins, despite me and others being alive and healthy after very many years without animals. Perhaps he didn’t understand me because of my difficulty forming words – I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt – but he kept going on. I slowed down a bit so that he ran on ahead, which is, of course the only reason for a disappointing time. Although 5 minutes faster than last year, I was hoping for more.


Non-vegan cereal bar and lip salve in the goody bag, but did have nice cup of tea, warm up and good chat to all the above-named VRUKers afterwards till we were chucked out of the race HQ.






PS Please keep sending me your racing plans with place, date and time, race name and distance, and your name if it isn’t obvious from your email address.

Dave Arnold adds a similar anecdote from earlier days, with a happy ending….

“A few years back I had a similar scenario half way round the 20mile Meon Valley Plod when on the verge of pulling out an old running acquaintance / adversary pulled alongside and offered words of wisdom..”You need more meat in your diet”.  I didn’t offer a response but thought that I’d at least beat him to the top of the next hill before bailing out. His words, and my thoughts resonated in my head as I determinedly fumed my way up the hill, occasionally checking his demise over my shoulder.  His words had fired something in me, and now it wasn’t personal..it was far more important, it was vegan! I carried on and finished the race ……a good few minutes ahead of him!  A few years on and I think he’s tired of my humble suggestion that he needs less meat……..!”