Watford Half 2015

Well done to all out runners who completed the Watford Half last weekend – I understand cake was to be had at the end πŸ™‚

If you’ve missed it you can read Georgie’s report here.

Watford Half 2015 Results

Edit 9th March – note of appreciation from Barry Orr πŸ™‚

From: Barry Orr
Subject: Watford Half, Feb 1 tafter run photo: the feast
Message Body:
Hi folks,
Has taken me a little time to retrieve and upload this pic, but felt I had to! After the race, some kind vegan souls (you know who you are!) had out these GORGEOUS cakes – some of the best I’ve ever had, post race or in general. Chocolate (oh so gooey!) brownies on the left, and frosted lemon drizzle cake on the right.
Let us give thanks, and let the souls who have not had found the wonder of vegan treats find their way to the promised land – especially after a race…

Watford Half Cake