Warsaw Vegan Run

I VEGAN RUN “Easier than you think!”

A joint project by RunVegan! and Viva! Foundation
“Promoting healthy lifestyle while helping animals, too!”

On the 1st of October, we will be celebrating the International Vegan day in Poland. To make the festivities last longer, on September 27 we are organizing a VEGAN RUN in Warsaw – a first event of this kind in Poland. In parallel to the run, a Vegan Fair will be held on the premises of Fort Sokolnickiego Art Center, together with lectures on healthy nutrition. The joint project by RunVegan! and Viva! Foundation is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle – by combining exercise with a philosophy of healthy, conscious and ethical diet and assistance to animals sponsored by the Foundation (10PLN from each registration will be spent on food for animals from the Korabiewice shelter). EVERYBODY is welcome to participate in the run, as the tagline for the whole event is “IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK” – …to have a healthy lifestyle, to run, to eat better and to help others in need. More information and registration form available at: www.biegweganski.pl



The run starts at 11:00 and the course is 10km. The event will also include children’s runs ranging from 300m to 1000m. The organizers have prepared 500 bibs for the main run and 150 bibs for the children’s run. Running with dogs is allowed for this event.

This is a fun run, where times and results are not as important as enjoying and getting inspired in line with the even tagline – RUNNING IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK!


The Vegan Fair will be hosted on the premises of Fort Sokolnickiego Art Center. This event will be a perfect occasion to taste vegan meals, open up and experience new flavors and tricks to include in everyday cooking, learn about new trends, exchange experiences and acquire knowledge. The Fair will include lectures on healthy diet in the context of plant-based diets and exercise.


A very special Pasta Party will also be held at Fort Sokolnickiego. Pasta parties are traditional runners’ meals – this one will be vegan on top of all. Each Run participant will get an invitation as a part of the kit. Invitations will be also available at www.biegweganski.pl for everyone remaining active on this exciting Warsaw weekend, but not necessarily contending in the Vegan Run.

We will be honored to host Polish celebrities, active sports contenders as well as continuous supporters of animal causes, as promoters of the vegan movement.

Main sponsors: Play, Sony,
Sponsors: ALE, OKI
Partners: Shock Absorber, SportGuru. Salewa
Patronates: Stołeczne Centrum Sportu “Aktywna Warszawa”, Magazyn Bieganie, Biegam Bo Lubię, www.treningbiegacza.pl


Media contact person:
Aleksandra Borowicz
Tel: +48 790 004 185,
Email: [email protected]

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