VRUK at Bristol VegfestUK

VRUK at Bristol VegfestUK

Background information on the above photos, on the second morning at breakfast time, Dave had arranged to meet up for a run with member Alison Davie (above right) and Stefania Delprete visiting from Italy. Stefania was running in her jeans and according to Dave they covered in the region of 9 miles at a leisurely pace. Meanwhile Peter had to set up the stall again apart from the gazebo that somehow survived the night’s wind.

The wind was in fact a feature of the event and due to our chosen gazebo, it was at risk of being blown over but due to the efforts of Te & Dave on the Friday evening, the ship was steadied although needed constant attention by way of adjusting weights. When setting up on Friday, a nearby gazebo literally crashed into ours whilst I was filling stabilising water containers and did some damage but luckily Te had some ducting tape to mend the broken corner connector. The three owners of the free moving gazebo had gone away for half an hour and on return had no idea of the mayhem it had caused due to it not being weighted down.

The Saturday was the worst day weatherwise given the rain and the discovery that the roof was not waterproof. Luckily we kept most of the documents dry but put away. We were constantly trying to remove water off the table and items of clothing in clear bags. Gradually the rain eased but the wind picked up again. Thanks to Cedric for the extra trip from Cardiff to help on the stall and steady the ship before returning mid-afternoon to go to work. Sales on the Saturday were slow not helped by the weather and the fact we were effectively outside to the visiting public, most stalls were in the huge marquee unaffected by the conditions.

On the Sunday it was dry and warmer but the wind appeared to be even stronger at times and do wonder how we managed to stay upright. Sales from visitors went well and with many purchases planned by members, we made up for the poor Saturday. In total there were 9 new members and two renewals. Most of our volunteers were also available on Sunday so it turned out to be a good meet-up day. Thanks to Helen Watkinson, Cedric David, Dave Arnold, John Morgan, Cath Elsworth and Alison Davie for all their assistance during the festival.

Each evening the wind did seem to ease in time for the concert and we continued to remain open until near dusk given that we were out in the open with new visitors arriving for the concert. On the last night, Helen, Cedric, Dave & myself (after packing up the stall and gazebo) spent the last hour or two near to the concert stage or as near as we could withstand in terms of volume.