Vegan Runners’ parkrun report 04.11.23

It was definitely wet and cold for most of us this first parkrun of November with our Vegan Runners’ parkrun facebook page flooded with pictures of floodings! Many cancellations were announced via the parkrun webpage here:  and were due mainly to waterlogged courses and firework events. We still had 672 members running, splashing, slipping, sliding and walking at 324 different events with 50 of us volunteering. 723 attended overall.

Meetups went ahead despite the inclement conditions, the most popular of which took place at:

23 Southampton parkrun

18 Ashton Court parkrun

15 Forest Rec parkrun

12 Heaton parkrun

12 Preston Park parkrun, Brighton

11 Storeys Field parkrun

9 Worcester parkrun

9 Swansea Bay parkrun

8 Stevenage parkrun

8 Eastville parkrun

7 Ferry Meadows parkrun

7 Aberdare parkrun

7 Alvaston parkrun

7 Chalkwell Beach parkrun

6 Victoria parkrun, Glasgow

6 Gloucester City parkrun

6 Hunstanton Promenade parkrun

6 Central parkrun, Plymouth


Thank you to Norbert Adison for this week’s beautifully Autumnal photo from Ashton Park – where it looks as if you escaped the rain! ☔🌧


Congratulations to these VRs who were top age graded at their parkruns this week:

🥇 Lin Lascelles 91.36%

🥇 Andrew Millis 85.65%

🥇 Margaret Pritchard 79.01%

🥇 Judy Johnson 78.41%


Vegan Runners who finished first in their gender position at their parkruns on 4th November were:

🏃🌿 16:00 Elliot Palmer

🏃🌿 17:26 Ciar Nixon

🏃🌿 17:54 High-Carb Vegan

🏃🌿 18:40 Carl Whittaker

🏃🌿 19:08 Caroline Mcaleese

🏃🌿 19:56 Khan Nothnagel

🏃🌿 20:26 Clare Meraz

🏃🌿 20:39 Lin Lascelles

🏃🌿 22:20 Joanna Crossman

🏃🌿 22:51 Heather Travis

🏃🌿 23:52 Deborah English


Average time for all Vegan Runners was a sub-30 yet again, at 29:53💚🖤 🎊💚🖤
Amazing, considering the state of many of the courses!


Top five speediest ladies this week are:


🏅🎊 19:08 Caroline McAleese

🏅🎊 19:54 Jo Fleming

🏅🎊 20:26 Clare Meraz

🏅🎊 20:39 Lin Lascelles

🏅🎊 20:48 Paula Blackledge


Top five speediest men:


🏅🎊 16:00 Elliot Palmer

🏅🎊 17:26 Ciar Nixon

🏅🎊 17:37 Harry Pannell

🏅🎊 17:43 Philip Nind

🏅🎊 17:54 High Carb Vegan


Incredible times. 🏃🌿🏃☘️


On the noughty step this week we have these heroes of the zeros:

😈16:00 Elliot Palmer

😈21:00 Samuel Carl Key

😈25:00 Louis Kowal

😈26:00 Tamsin Crothers

😈27:00 Zoe Macpherson

😈29:00 Jay Massaad

😈30:00 Bridgitte Seymour

😈30:00 Lauren Hayes

😈31:00 James Caygill

😈31:00 Deb Beats

😈32:00 Sarah Hall

😈33:00 Tom Rogers

😈42: 00 Amanda Braidley


Well done, noughties 💚🖤😍🏅🎊


There were nine Vegan Runners who managed to grab a barcode with a multiple of fifty this week – whoops and cheers to:

🏅🏃50 Stephen Reeve

🏅🏃100 Rachael Long

🏅🏃100 Jac Prigmore

🏅🏃100 Dawn Shepherd

🏅🏃100 Chris Jackson

🏅🏃150 Chris Webb

🏅🏃200 Hannah Jones

🏅🏃250 Alison Irwin

🏅🏃750 Megan Fowler


Marvellous milestones were achieved this week as well, congratulations, celebrations and jubilations to:

🔓🏆  250 Phil Sowerby-Williams

🔓🏆300 Neil Kirsh




Apologies if I’ve missed any milestones – you only appear in our results if you’ve run at 20 or more different parkrun events.


Double and triple repping kudos goes to these twenty three Vegan Runners who were handed a barcode with a rep digit number! Two and three cheers for:

🎊11 David Ainsley

🎊11 Nick Bell

🎊11 Peter Roberts

🎊22 Adrian Pilbeam

🎊22 Catherine Charlton

🎊22 Dan Coughlan

🎊33 Theo Deacon

🎊44 Katy Emerson

🎊44 Matthew Savory

🎊44 Megan Miley

🎊55 Agata Szczepaniuk

🎊55 Kay Cottrell

🎊66 Brad Scarborough

🎊66 Jon Turtle

🎊66 Joseph Baxter

🎊66 Matt Ashmead

🎊66 Neil Morris

🎊77 Jackie Williams

🎊88 Alberto Deacon

🎊88 Etwal Teja

🎊88 George Murray

🎊111 Jeff Simmons

🎊111 Shireen Kassam



💚🖤 Well done everyone for representing our wonderful club. People notice the Vegan Runners’ logo and it does make them think. If, like me, your kit is getting a little worn, but your budget is a little shorn, there is a pre-loved area on our website where you can buy second hand kit in good condition at a fraction of the price:


Hopefully less rain next weekend but expect a somewhat chillier start! I’ll be Run Director at Greenwich if any of you fancy joining me there! Have a great week. 💚🖤