Vegan Runners at Endure24 2017

Vegan Runners at Endure24 2017

Vegan Runners at Endure 24 2017 was a resounding success. At least 29 taking part as VRUK and others too in different teams.
Results Round Up – some spectacular results and running across all the entries, well done everyone!

Male Solo
Barry Pearson 15 laps Luke Hicks 13 laps 65m
Jonathan Ryan 11 laps 55m 68/118

Mixed Pair Vegan Runners Squirrel Fans
Matthias May
Kira Rehfeld
28 laps in 24.15 4/29

Cucumber and Sprout
Lynda Beard Beard
Matthew Toy
15 laps

Small Male Team Vegan Runners The Soy Boys
Bear Austin
Edward Scott
Rafal Tkaczyk
Stephen Burgess
Michael Burgess
38 laps in 24.40 4/39

Small Female Team Vegan Runners Too Fast ToFurious
Verna Burgess
Celine Wilcock
George Smith
Isabel Hoskin
30 laps in 24.43 5/37

Small Mixed Team
The Chia Leaders
Alexander Malik
Paul Juan
Ross Robertson
Rosie Frater
Bob Neill
31 laps in 24.32 30/140

The Killer Kales
Lucy Samways
Simon Scott
Catherine Louise Blake
Stu Wallace
Ollie Rumney
30 laps in 24.14 35/140

Three Vegan Runners
Hezel Magwili
Sean Barrs
Karen Harty
23 laps in 23.44

If posts have got you interested for 2018, join VRUK (if you are not a member already) and ask to be added to the VRUK Endure 2018 FB Group.