Trionium’s Greensand Marathon

Trionium’s Greensand Marathon (details here including a picture of me at the start)


‘You’re doing quite well – 11th place and you’re a vegan!!’


A tough Surrey hill marathon on a glorious autumn day – what could be nicer? Small, very friendly, good humoured (the organizer’s pre-race briefing ‘the third quarter is probably the toughest, though the second quarter is very tough. The final quarter is very hard. And the first quarter is… very difficult’). I even got sufficiently taken in by the atmosphere to mouth along with the second verse of Jerusalem, the race anthem. There were plenty of Union Jack shorts to be seen (though not on me).


The race really was lovely – the joy of a simple out and back is that you can enjoy the landscape whilst still fit to appreciate it, then struggle in your own private world of pain during the second half.


The downside? This being Surrey, some folk who presumably object to plastic went round taking down the waymarker tape. The one annoying consequence for me (and about ten folk right behind me) was that we missed a wee turning and careened down a very steep hill, which then had to be reclimbed – a mile of up and down just wasn’t enough for us. This happened just after the 11th place information was divulged, so I know it cost me over twenty places.


Though I was in good shape for a half marathon, I was simply not fit enough for the full deal. So time passed painfully one step at a time and I eventually staggered home in 28th place and taking just over 4hr10m. Should be pleased, but I’m not. Next year…


The marshals were really encouraging, the rucksack, t-shirt and medals were handed out by charming kids, and fellow racers were all in great spirits. There was a lot of smiling – a good race. I even smiled for the photo!