Trials and Trails at The Hamstreet 10K -10 June 2012-Keith Gilbert.

Yesterday I took part in The Hamstreet 10K. It was my 2nd bash at this, it’s run almost entirely along the trails of Hamstreet Woods in Kent. Last year a few muddy sections were present, this year owing to the almost incessant rain we’ve had, much of the course was very muddy indeed! It provided quite a challenge, and required a fair bit of concentration to negotiate your way around or through the mud, particularly on the ascents where it was harder to get a grip. Overhanging foliage also had to be considered.

At the event about 18 runners from Guines in Northern France were present. 

I was given the time and position 56:14, 92/142. Last year I finished in 55:37.

On the Bank Holiday Monday I cycled the 12 miles in heavy rain and wind to Herne Bay for The Les Golding Memorial 10K. After arriving I discovered that it had been cancelled owing to the weather conditions. A sound judgment though, the sea wall would had been hazardous to run on, not to mention the difficulties of keeping km markers and a tarpaulin in place. A new date will be arranged. So I ate a cereal bar and cycled on home.