Toon Moorathon

And here we have Anna’s race report, which starts….
 Have you been out running in the wind recently? It’s knackering! [I agree, which is why I stayed indoors on the treadmill for the speedwork… Ed]

I just had a lovely weekend staying with my parents (who live near Newcastle). Which was very handy for the Newcastle Town Moor Marathon. It was a 5 lap course with some sections into a nasty headwind, but other places where the tailwind was pleasantly helpful. Mostly flat too and there was a fantastic big rainbow for a while. I took it nice and steady and finished in 4:16:13. My parents saw me finish and while I think they don’t ‘get’ my running, they got more of an idea of what it is I like to do each weekend.

[Why anyone would think it’s odd to round round and round in circles in one’s underwear in a howling gale I have no idea – perfectly normal surely! – Ed]