Three Forts Marathon goes the extra mile!!!

Ed: Paul Loader runs another marathon after the Brighton event. No as easy until you have Anna’s experience of over 150. Find out how it felt:

Three Forts Marathon goes the extra mile!!!
Sunday 1st May

After running the Brighton Marathon and feeling so good after the race, I decided to enter the 3 Forts Marathon. It was a race I had been aware of for many years but had never been brave enough or stupid enough to enter. When race day came I wasn’t quite so enthusiastic, infact I was positively dreading it. It’s known as “the tough one” and billed as go the extra mile because it is 27.2 miles of hills across the Sussex downs.

I must admit I laughed the laugh of a madman too myself at the 7 mile mark as I felt absolutely shattered and I knew I only had the small task of 20 miles left. At the halfway stage I did think why didn’t I enter the half marathon instead? But us vegans are made of tougher stuff and I just put my head down and got on with it.

By 20 miles I had cramp front and back of my left leg, I kept stretching and hobbling. Over my dead body was I not going to finish. I completed the marathon in 4hours 22minutes it really was the hardest race I have ever entered. Then I checked my emails and saw the girls flying the vegan flag in the Compton race a mere 40miles ha. And I thought I had it tough?

I can only dream of aspiring to such dizzy heights. Just out of interest how does anyone run that far for that long? Do you really eat whilst running?

Answers on a postcard to me.