Three and a half races in 8 days

And the title alerts us to the fact that this is either Anna or SDL writing in, and the perceptive will point out that the length of Anna’s races mean she has to finish or she’s stuck 20 miles from her motorbike so the prize goes to whoever worked out that it is, therefore, SDL, who writes…

… 3 & 1/2 races in 8 days. 
Looked ok on paper, having done the Portsmouth Joggers x ctry on Wednesday (result already reported in). I had no problems (apart from ongoing chestiness) in doing the Basingstoke Park run 5k on Saturday morning followed by the Thruxton 5k (race 2 of 4) on Monday night (chest recovered so faster time).
 However come Wednesday evening the kickback had set in and although feeling really knackered, due in part to activities external to running also [I am not sure how he finds the time to do anything else but we must believe him! Ed] ,I lined up at start but after racing for first 2.5k of the Portsmouth Promenade 5k race 3 of 5, that was it I was out of energy and had jog the remaining distance to record a slow time [for him- Ed]. But it did not matter in the scheme of things as only your fastest 3 times from 5 races in series count. [bwhahahahah – Ed] So hope for a good showing in last two runs in this event.
 Dave Arnold (still injured)was again in attendance at Portsmouth, wearing his Vegan runners Vest and taking photos of the runners. I never get to see any of them, does anyone?
[I shall try to weasel these out of him… Ed]
  So now I am hoping to do another 5k on Saturday and again next Tuesday and Thursday, could be a recipe for disaster.  [but you never know until you try….Ed]
 Basingstoke Parkrun Saturday July 3rd
 Sidney DeLara
 19mins 38secs
Position o/a 9th
 MV50 2nd.
Thruxton 5k Series Race 2 Monday JULY 5th
19mins 06secs
Position o/a 12th
MV 50 1st.
Portsmouth Promenade 5K Series Race 3 JULY 7th
Sidney DeLara
20mins 44secs personal worst (stopped and started again at 2.5k)
Position o/a 54th
MV 50 6th.