Thirsk 10 and Wilmslow Half

Well done to Matthew Jones and Martin Stacy for their speedy runs at the Thirsk 10 last weekend.

  • Matthew Jones  1:06:21  183/1058
  • Martin Stacy  1:12:58  322/1058

Meanwhile Simon Dally was back into the swing of running at the Wilmslow Half where members Simon Liptrott and Caz Lyall-Ford were also knocking out some impressive times.

Simon reports:

‘I ran the Wilmslow half marathon yesterday in 1:21:31, 126th place. It’s the first race I have actually enjoyed for about two years! I was hoping to get under 1:20 and felt really good for the first 8 miles or so but then started to slow and was hanging on a bit by the end. Fantastic race and a very competitive field. Looking forward to London marathon now. If I train hard for the next few weeks, taper well and continue to lose weight then should be good for sub 2:45. Can’t wait!’

  • Simon Dally  1:21:31  126/4079
  • Simon Liptrott  1:34:58  656/4079
  • Caz Lyall-Ford  1:35:17  669/4079