The Weald and Ox

Members were hitting the trails over the Bank Holiday weekend with vegans taking on the Ox Marathon in Wiltshire and the Weald Ultra in Sussex.

Weald Ultra (50km)

  • Kevin Harris  5:40:55  42/124
  • Jonathan Wilkes  6:25:45 89/124  (accompanied by Jane)
Kevin Harris The Weald 2015

Kevin Harris at The Weald

Ox Marathon

  • Noel Grimley  4:14:39  28/183
  • Catherine Hansford  5:45:08 122/183
  • Emine Ismail D Sanchez  5:58:24 138/183


‘Tough day at the Ox marathon yesterday but nice to see Noel Grimley at the start line. I fell over twice but felt OK so kept going but today my knee is a bit sore and swollen although am necking turmeric tea to try to get the swelling down! Should be good to go for Endure 24 in a few weeks time!’