The king of Reading

We hear from “the floating digital daf rock”, Daf Davies… a tale of triumph

2010 started with a plan to run a sub 1h30 half marathon, specifically the Reading Half. Books were read, Runner’s World was consulted and a plan hatched. Then, as usual, life got in the way. Injury followed illness, followed injury as work and looming baby stresses hit. To be honest, I’d have settled for a sub 2 hour finish at that point. I decided to stick with the 1h45 pacemaker until mile 10, then see how I felt. I’ve never enjoyed a half-marathon more, as this easy pace allowed me to look around and take in the atmosphere, as well as glug down all the (nutritionally vegan and free) lucozade that was on offer. At mile 9, the sugar rush hit. “I’m king of the world” I cried and surged forward, despite my original plan. There followed a sugar crash, followed by rush, etc until the end when I screamed into the Madejski stadium at a pace that would have pleased me in a 10k. The time of 1h40m58s is 4 minutes off my PB, but I was jolly pleased with my consistency in split timings until mile 12, despite the sugar.

The Reading Half seems expensive at £25 or so, but it is well organised and whilst definitely an urban race, it has enough hills and atmosphere to keep you interested. Cheers to John Morgan for the support.