The Great North Run – allocating places

Message from the Vegan Society:

Good morning,

I trust that all is well with you and yours on another cold day?

Thanks to everyone who’s already been able get back to me. I’m hoping to start allocating places on Tuesday – so do get back to me ASAP

We’ve just found that the Great North Run had quoted their prices inclusive of VAT. As a charity, we can reclaim VAT.

So the actual cost per place is UKP 54.47.

If I can allocate you a place, and if you can meet this cost, it will replenish Society funds – we’ll be paying up-front this month to secure our places.

We hope we can support and enable everyone who runs for us to be interviewed by the Media. This good PR is our reason for entering the race. If you have someone locally who can also support you in that, it may also help. If you also wish to raise funds for The Vegan Society, that is welcome – but it’s not a requirement to run.

Best wishes,


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