The Faversham 10K 2012. Keith Gilbert- 16 September 2012.

Dash to the finish mat!

 On Sunday I did The Faversham 10K for the 4th time. It was also the 10th anniversary of this event.

This year I cycled the 22 mile round trip to get to the event, I also did the trip the day before, to check the time and route, which was mostly made up of bridleway and quiet country roads and passed by Mount Ephraim Gardens, the venue for an earlier summer 10K I did.

The 10K course is very scenic and quite undulating with a long very steep decline about half way.It also passes Brogdale the national fruit centre, which boasts hundreds of different varieties of fruits.

 The run went fairly well for me, and I finished with a chip time of 52:09  [course pb 51:30-2011].

253/502.   43/65 men 50-59.

Next week it’s the big one, Tonbridge!

                                                                         Wishing you all good running, Keith.