Super busy Burgesses putting VRUK on the front page

We hear from VERNA BURGESS and the whole family have been super busy – down below there is 1 win & 1 agegroup first so pretty good stuff guys!

She says…

Some of you may know I am doing a lot of events for Just Racing this year. They have been asking for a blog from me (duly done) and the most recent is up on their home page, plus photo. (link here: I am pleased about this as they are also using my Facebook photo which Peter took at the London Marathon a few years ago and my vegan runners vest is highly visible – it means a lot of athletes will see it on the website.
Lots of events undertaken by us as a family :
1st June – leg 5 of the Billy Bland Challenge in the Lake District. My first proper fell event and I had a great time and knocked nearly an hour off the predicted time so well chuffed.
11th June – Hawridge Duathlon (2.5m run/11m bike/2.5m run). Michael and I did this as a relay (him running, me biking) and we won the mixed event.
13th June – Box End Park Evening triathlon round 2 – a return visit and I knocked 6 mins off my time  and was 48th/67 competitors
15th June – St Albans parkrun 23.54 and 6th lady 82/229
16th June – Evans Ride it  Road Sportive in the Costwolds 90m which I was doing with friends as a long  training ride for Ride London. A great day out despite the rain and huge hills after 70m.
9th June – Blenheim Youth Elite Super Sprint – another high level event in these draft legal races. Stephen performed well and achieved a race series best position to date.
13th June – he also returned to Box End Park for round 2 and knocked 3 minutes off his time to do 1.01:36 and was 7th/67 competitors
15th June – St Albans parkrun 18.03 and 6/229 runners and first in age category
A busy June and July ahead with triathlons most week ends so lots of chances to wear the vegan runners kit.
Verna Burgess