Something a little different…

Vegan runner Kevin White is standing for Parliament this year! He says:
As you may already be aware, I’m standing for the Green Party in the General Election! The constituency in question is my home town of Redditch, [ah Redditch! killer of innocent palm trees – Ed] where my main opponent will be Jacqui Smith, the current MP and former Home Secretary! The media always cover GE’s heavily so they’re likely to be highly interested in my campaign. We intend to whip up a storm of publicity about animal rights, environmental, civil liberty issues, as well as public services, pensions, affordable housing etc. I hope to win lots of votes and increase support/membership of the Green Party but also raise lots of awareness & with any luck, turn people veggie/vegan and encourage them to get involved in changing our society for the better via campaigning etc!
He has lots of websites, Facebook groups etc so just Google if you want to find out more. Hope you don’t just stand, Kevin, don’t forget to keep up the running too!