Sittingbourne 10 Road Race -7 October 2012- Keith Gilbert.

On Sunday it was The Sittingbourne 10 miles. My first race in the last year in my 55-59 age grouping. I did this last year in freakishly hot conditions for October, in fact it was so hot, the circuitry of the mobile phone I was carrying was wrecked, and I had to buy a new phone.

This year however conditions were good. I was hoping for a sub:85, but by 5 miles, I realized this was unlikely.In fact sub:90 didn’t look that certain. The course seemed far more undulating than I recalled from last year. Nothing too hard, but like The Tonbridge 1/2, a constant up and down, which eventually got to me. I was feeling a little below par anyway.

The venue was held in the playing field of a grammar school. Towards the end, on the road I could hear all the cheering coming from within, I was directed into the field by a marshal, I was reading 1:27+, and still had to complete a 3/4 lap of this huge playing field. I speeded up, in the hope of still coming in sub:90. As I approached the timing clock it was reading 1:29:44, a further sprint got me over in under 1:30, but only just!

Official time and position- 1:29:56,   116/168.  At least an improvement on last year’s 1:37:22.

The event was being broadcast live by a local radio station, and my name and Vegan Runners UK was called out as I finished. Also when I went to collect my baggage at the end, the girl said ” ah Vegan Runners,I’ve heard of you guys”, maybe echoes from Tonbridge.

 All the best, Keith.