Sid in Lubeck Germany City Lauf. 11.3k., 9 Oct

Midday start, 2 lap course round old town Lubeck.

Registering on day as Vegan Runner, came 82nd overall 794 runners, time 48mins:07seconds. Vet 55 2nd.

Awards to first three in each five year age group, so after run event moved into the old market place, runners given their awards up on stage, so received a T Shirt, Ruck Sack , Certificate and nice Silver Medal. Only problem having run in the vest and registered as Vegan Runner, I was somehow recorded as unattached.

With these odd distance races, difficult to work out how well you have run in relation to a standard 10k. So, by my reckoning the extra 1.3k at a pace of 4 minutes a Kilometre , means about 5.5mins for the 1.3k so it was probably a 42mins 25sec 10k effort not a total disaster.

Sidney Delara, Dr Klein City Lauf, Lubeck, Germany, Sunday October 9th, 11.3k. 82nd/794 runners. Vet 55 2nd. 48mins 07secs.