Severn Bridge Half and a Taster Tri

Well done Carla Reeve, Dorienne Robinson, Kate Boothby, Neil Cant and the Unknown Vegan Vadim Schultz completing the Severn Bridge half this weekend:

Carla: ‘Severn bridge half, first half marathon. An undulating course with a hill slightly steeper than described .It was nice to meet some other VRUK runners.’

Kate: ‘ …. Who was the guy in the VRUK vest who said hello while passing?’

 Severn Bridge Half

Carla Reeve & Dorienne Robinson

Meanwhile Laura Conway was having a go at triathlon:

‘Did my first taster tri event yday. 7th out of 28…second lady out of 19. Joint first in the run section (ok, the guy that won overall beat me by half a second, but I may have prematurely celebrated before the chip mat…worth it for the pic I’m sure you’ll agree tho lol) ….. And then ran 13.1 miles this morn in under 1:51. “1:50, I’m coming for ya” First half will be Great Eastern in 7 weeks.’

Laura Conway Tri