Seven Park Runs in a Day, 23/6/13

Three members: Siobhan Carleton-Green, Ion Holban and Ciprian Diaconita completed a series of seven North London Parkruns in a day with 1.5 hours between each start time. The first parkrun started at the usual time of 9am except on Sunday and the last at 6pm.

Ion Holban reports briefly:

The long parkrun was a great experience and you will be pleased to know that we managed to complete all the runs and the cycling in between. I believe there were only four of us that cycled between all the seven runs out of the 30 + that finished the runs.
Siobhan and Cip recovered well but I wasn’t that lucky as my old back injury has partially returned, so I’ve booked in a few physio sessions and so far have recovered well.