Serpentine 5k July 20th

Serpentine RC (not)Last Friday of the Month 5k July 20th 12:30pm, Hyde Park/Kennsington Gardens.
Vegan Runner entrant: Sidney DeLara. 48th overall,  MV55 2nd  19mins 56secs.

Course moved and date changed due to Olympics,(using Hyde Park for Triathalons)so two laps in Kennsington Gardens area. Nearest tube Queensway, open air cafe coveniently situated close to start for last minute refreshment. Amiable weather conditions. Hopeful  for a season best for 5k as PB potential course. Two laps were virtually on a rectangle. Well marshalled and kilometer markers easily identified.
  Although entered as Southampton AC wore the Vegan Runners vest.Took about 10secs after start before i had properly sorted my watch, at the 1k marker i had thus forgotten i had started timing my run about 10econds after start and reading 3:39 began to think i could get an SB, 2K at 7:41 on watch, not until about 3k did i remember to add 10seconds.With a quick finish forgot on line to check time and runner in front not wearing a watch , so i went away thinking i had run somewhere between 19:30- 19:50 so bit of a disappointment to learn i had only done 19mins:56secs.
 Olympic Broadcasting TV were there to interview one of the runners who will be carrying the torch and apparently to do a bit on grass roots  athletics. Did not notice any filming or get told about any tv screening of event though. Quite an eye opener the previous evening regarding the Panorama TV slot about Sports suppliments and total lack of reliable evidence. Apparently only 6 spoons of sugar in a bottle of Lucozade Sport, so if you like it sweet.