Serpentine 10K, New Year's Day

Sid travelled about 70 miles to the venue in Central London so was it a brief New Year’s celebration! Side reports:

One day of the year when you can forget about having an early night before event , also travelling up to London from Southampton, so could have had more sleep. Nice to run in more normal temperatures and conditions again, threat of rain but held off until after run. Through 2k in 7mins 40secs and 5k in 20:09 but could not quite hold pace in latter half. The 2 lap section around Kennsington Gardens section of park meant having to weave your way through the slower/fun runners en mass but paths wide enough and no bottlenecks. 5k runs also held in park once a month on last Fridays.

Sidney DeLara, 81st overall/450 runners, MV50 4th, 41mins 33secs. Vest other.