Seaford Half Marathon

A hot run at the Seaford Half for Mark Wood and Kevin Harris on Sunday, Mark Reports:

“It was a beautiful day for running. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did this morning running the Seaford Half Marathon. I was pleased that I met two vegans – Michael, in this picture has just moved over to England from Poland and it was his 2nd ever half, and Kevin Harris who’s recovering from an injury. I was also pleased with my time 1 hour 47 minutes.”

Kevin seems to have met one of those strange folk that fail at winding up vegans:

“Great time, Mark. I looked for you afterwards for that photo opportunity but couldn’t find you. I got 2.02 so just missed out but not too displeased in that heat. Someone said to me, “Have you seen the chicken? (Man dressed as a chicken). It said it’s going to go round and taunt you.”  Why he thinks vegans would be perturbed by a chicken following them I’m not sure.  I said I was just happy it was alive and free.”

Mark Wood and Michael Seaford Half 2014

Mark Wood and Michael