Running for VRUK & raising funds to treat an injured cat

Ed: Alison Taylor-Reed has a VRUK club place in the London Marathon and would like to raise funds for pets with special needs and explains in more detail:

As you know I am running the London Marathon on Sunday 17th April and I wanted to let you know (if you didn’t already!) that I am running to raise money for a gorgeous little cat called Bubbles at Foal Farm where I volunteer.

Bubbles was found abandoned in a terrible state as her back legs were severly disabled and she could only walk by dragging her legs behind her. I fell in love with her and was so pleased that Foal Farm were prepared to take care of her and pay for her legs to be operated on, which cost a substantial amount of money. She was operated on by the Bionic Vet and he had to break her legs in order for them to be reset and pinned!

It is absolutely fantastic to see this little girl starting to walk properly now with her new legs and I so appreciate Foal Farm for their willingness and love to help Bubbles and other animals like her. Maybe one day Bubbles will be able to run too!

If you would like to support Bubbles financially, by making a donation to help pay for her operation and aftercare, please visit my JustGiving web page by using the link below.