Regent's Park Training Session & Additional Event, 9/9/2012

Peter Simpson reports on the return to Regent’s Park for our training session. At short notice it was decided to take the opportunity to meet up half an hour earlier to devote more time to remember Andrew Spencer Taylor. Arriving early myself, after changing I meet Jasmijn de Boo and Andrew Knight with campaigner Lesley Dove upstairs. I hear that there is another running event scheduled for 1030 and encouraged to enter the free 5K event known as the Parnell 5K. Unfortunately with other runners scheduled to arrive at 1030, the timing was unfortunate and I needed to wait around. Jasmijn and Andrew were still able to take part and could possibly join us later for the training session.

The Parnell 5K was only a small event with less than 30 runners but it gave Jasmijn and Andrew the opportunity to get some recognition for VRUK and to excel. In fact Andrew finished 2nd in 20.20 a PB and Jasmijn was 1st woman in 23.31, presumably a PB. Jasmijn has not participated in many events so she was absolutely thrilled. With a trophy presentation due to take place sometime later, it was decided to start the training run. Time had moved on past 11am and it was already quite warm. Present were Hilary Jacob and Peter Simpson but Hilary was injured and focusing on building up for a return later to the fells, road not being suitable for Hilary.

Peter and co set off for a loop of Regent’s Park and by the time we reached the southern end we began thinking in terms of switching to the trail or grass close to the edge where other runners had more freedom from walkers. We also had a little more shelter from the heat. On the way round I remembered that I had not returned Jasmijn’s mobile, deposited in my rucksack in the locker. Completing the circuit in just over 30 minutes, the runners from the 5K were about to have their presentation so hurrying to retrieve the camera as well as Jasmijn’s mobile we took some photos including a special photo of the five of us wearing the special number for Andrew Spencer Taylor.

Resuming the run and heading onto Primrose Hill, Andrew and Jasmijn decided to rejoin us for a warm down. We completed three quarters of the perimeter of Primrose Hill before heading to the top of the hill in the centre where we viewed the scene momentarily before descending and over to the exit point. We headed back to the Hub Cafe to rejoin Hilary who was on her own after Lesley had left to do some anti-foie-gras campaigning. After a brief social in the Hub, Hilary and Peter headed off to the Inspiral Vegetarian Cafe in Camden Town.

Andrew Knight & Jasmijn de Boo victorious after 5K

Jasmijn at her first ever race win
Later after lunch, Peter visits Parliament Hill bathed in sunshine.