Reading and Milton Keynes Half Marathons

In other news, there was quite a rash of VRUK vests to be seen across the country (though sadly only James Meldrum’s breasted the finishing tape!). Peter Simpson and Laurence Klein both took part in the Milton Keynes (Nike) Half (*), and Daf Davies, Sharon Davidson and Maria Hamilton ran the Reading Half.
Reading is now (so they said on the PA) the 2nd biggest UK Half after the GNR, so it’s not surprising I didn’t spot any VRUK vests beforehand, hidden as they no doubt were under binbags etc! But I was dead chuffed to cross the line and find Sharon there having finished moments before. (I had actually seen her Mum and sister a bit earlier, providing much-needed support along the dual carriageway stretch round Mile 11). We didn’t see Daf but then he did finish about half an hour before us after all – looks good in the photos though!
Updated results for this year can be found online here
– as ever let me know of any typos, mistakes, inconsistencies & so on.
Things will be back to normal soon but I am still very tired, sore and blistered. More updates when I am awake..
(*) there is a MK (NSPCC) Half in the summer