Rainforest 10K – early reportlet

Peter Simpson checks in with a few brief words about last weekend’s Rainforest 10k

Great to see us all meeting at an event and especially at the RFUK 10K. The
results are on the ‘209 Events’ website


Some of the leaders were so quick that Chris our photographer & supporter
did not see them finish, our times are as follows:

Peter Simpson 41.39, 12th / 394
Chris Dhondee 52.57, 136th
Vanessa Hudson 54.58, 167th
Jon Homan 56.26, 201st
Cherryl Sinclair 56.43, 213st

Comparing the times of myself, Chris & Vanessa with our 2009 performances we
are 3 to 5 minutes faster. The course did not seem any easier, maybe it was
just bringing it forward and better surface without the leaves and potholes.

 I shall write a more thorough report later.