Racing round the Silverstone 10K, 4/5/11

Ed: Following a recent DIY injury, I was uncertain if I should indeed run and especially after cycling for about 1 hour 40 minutes early on a Wednesday evening. Arrived feeling like I had already been through a race not helped by a necessary detour. I had about 30 minutes to recover a little and obviously revised my normal start for a 10K to a more cautious approach. The course is fast assuming little wind in the exposed circuit. Little in the way sharp of corners or hills to negotiate helps with consistent pacing.

The first of the East Midlands Grand Prix Series, it is unsurprisingly the most popular and the series is a focus for club runners leading to a high quality field at most of the events. I only have the intention of entering 2 or 3 with 5 events necessary for a series result. Lining up I started a fair way back but with the wide start-line we were soon moving at our preferred pace, assisted by the smooth surface. No sign of the injury between hamstring & calve gave my confidence a boost so naturally increased the pace marginally. Towards the end of each of two laps there was a light headwind which gave way as we entered the straight. With a big bend, the last kilometre of each lap seemed long as do other kilometres as you can see a long way ahead at times.

With a few kilometres to go I could sense a good personal time was possible with the energy levels holding steady. As normal I do not time myself so it is just a case of wait and see. I seemed to be moving up the field in the second half, continued to finish strongly and first saw the clock approaching 41:50 with not far to go. It was very satisfying as I crossed 5 seconds later.

By the time I was ready to cycle back it was almost dusk. Not having done much training in recent weeks since the Flitwick 10K on 10 April, I was not expecting a comfortable ride plus the road conditions were not ideal with potholes in one short stretch and more wind in the last miles. Arrived back exhausted and desperate for a meal.