Race Report: Starkholmes Stagger (Matlock) – Ian Hodge

A race report from Ian Hodge, who has been busy (there are two more race reports from Ian sitting on my “in” pile as we speak!)
30 miles
Start/Finish Matlock
Time 5.15 (I think)

This was a new event for me, though in an area I used to go to a bit,
Matlock. Organised by the local Scout Network the route initially headed
 north west, through Matlock and out. Despite the cold night (I had some
frost on my tent in the morning) the day soon warmed up, as did I. After
a bit of a slog uphill the next few miles were nice gentle rolling hills
and farmland. It was good to re-familiarise myself with the area, I’d
forgotten how pleasant the villages and hamlets were.

Keeping a steady pace a group us caught up with the walkers and plodded
on. One of the reasons I like the LDWA events in that they are never
races, just days out, confusing the locals and day visitors. Who are
this funny lot?

Working from the map I managed to make no (major) navigational mistakes
and with seven or so miles to go was told that there was only one runner
ahead of me. How did that happen? But 7 miles is a long time, especially
when your knackered. But either they got lost, or I was doing better
than normal, but with 2 miles to go I caught up with him. Unfortunately
the last bit was steeply down hill, and that’s not good for me at this
stage of these events. So off he set, bounding off.

Seconds not bad, and I really enjoyed the day. It made me think about
coming back to have another look around, shame the YH has closed, it was
one of my favourites.


Well done Ian, hope you catch him next year 😀