Race Report – Peebles Duathlon

Verna Burgess writes:

It was perfect conditions for this event on Sunday morning – dry and warm. It was a 5k run, 20k bike and 5 k run. It all took place from the local swimming pool and was quite low key. There were no race numbers for starters and I was a little concerned about bike security as there was no way of matching participants to their bikes – the marshal assured me he would know! The run was locally called the 3 bridge one – basically a run up one side of the River Tweed and down the other. I was glad we checked the route as a crossing of the narrow pedestrian footbridge after 200m meant a natural bottleneck – Stephen however led the way over this on the first lap and was not held up but I lost a few seconds. We did the route twice on each leg before having a long run from transition to the mount line by the road on top of the second bridge. This took us out of Peebles on a B road for a there and back route. Stephen and I had practised this and knew it was not too hilly but very bumpy in parts. A long run back into transition and then a repeat of the run.

There were 79 participants and results:

Winner 1.08:52
Stephen 15/79 1.15:31 (17.45/36.5/20.56)
Verna 57/79 1.34:46 (22.48/47.56/24.02)

If the distances are accurate [note: they don’t have to be spot-on for triathlons & duathlons – Ed] Stephen’s first 5k is a PB by some margin and Verna’s combined 10k time is also a PB and faster than the Bearbrook 10k a couple of weeks ago. Verna picked up 1st FV50 and Stephen 1st MU21.