Pub2Pub results – last results for the noughties

Sid gets in touch again…. we have results now!

Hello again, i should have realised this was going to happen as soon as i  e-mail to explain no results available for Pub2Pub 7 1/2 miles Horndean (just north of Portsmouth) the results come up. So here is the last results for 2009.
 Myself and Dave Arnold wearing the Vegan vest at this one. An unusual distance of 7 1/2 miles.
 Weather conditions cold and sunny, an out and back undulating course along rural roads, so down the big hill on the way out and up it on the way back.  Problem of some ice on the road which tended to break your pace up at regular intervals. I managed to run the course about a minute faster than the last time i did it about 2 years ago, so progress of sorts. No age category info in results.
 PUB2PUB Horndean Hampshire Monday December 28th 71/2 miles.
  23rd Dave Arnold     48 mins  23 secs 
  38th Sidney DeLara  50mins   56 secs