Photos from Thames Run 10k …

… Can be found here (“>linky) about halfway down, on RichK (of FetchEveryone, the RW forums and Tring)’s website.
The lady I am running with is Dino, a vegan triathlete on her first running-only race. I was just doing it as a training run (having run most of the way to the start – would have been all the way but I didn’t get out of bed early enough!) and so, when she said,
“… where is Vegan Runners based…?”
well of course we were gassing all the way round! At the end I spotted a rather hot looking chap and said, “Go on! You can take him!” only to see him speed up as clearly he could hear us through the headphones! But he didn’t speed up enough¬† – bwahahahahah – and I was right, so there.
Moral of the story – remember to wear the vest if you want to make new friends!
Time: 1:08 – quite chunky even for a training run, but of course, this is the race with a several-minute-long queue for a style in the middle of it!