Parkrun report 5th of August 2023

Parkrun report 5th of August 2023
The first parkrun of August was a wet one for much of the UK, yet we still had 726 Vegan Runners attending 312 different events. 656 grabbed a finish token which means there were 70 wonderful vegan volunteers. ??
Mike‘s poll is a great way to find out where your nearest VR parkrun meetup is happening. This week there were sociable gatherings of five or more VRs at 23 different locations, the most popular at:
Ashton Court parkrun: 22
Stevenage parkrun: 13
Forest Rec and Sandringham parkrun: 11
Whinlatter Forest parkrun: 10
Shorne Woods parkrun: 9
Worcester and Dean Castle Country Park parkrun: 8
Whitstable parkrun: 7
Margate, Rutland Water and King George V Playing Field parkrun, Cheltenham: 6
Shoutouts to the following super speedy runners this week who all finished in first gender position:
Caroline McAleese 19:55
Jo Fleming 21:57
Chris Pearson 18:28
Hester Hill 21:54
Geoffrey Gregory 19:14
Scott Braunton 17:45
Philip Nind 16:53
Jhon Cosgrove 18:19
Naomi Sutton 20:43
Andy Gardiner 18:15
Clare Meraz 20:42
Kelsey Wiberley 20:06
Becky Tovey 21:18
? Scores this week: 7 – 6 to the ladies! ?
The average time taken for Vegan Runners to complete their 5k parkrun this week was…
Another fast and fabulous sub 30 at 29:36! Well done, everybody! That’s shaved a healthy 17 seconds off last week’s time. ???
Anyone who collected a finish token with a multiple of 50 earned themselves a shoutout too, so ? for:

50 Greg Myles
50 Daniel Wilson
50 Ernest Bryden
50 James Cole
100 Stephanie Hughes
100 Olena Waskiewicz
100 Louise Luna Galvin
100 Stephen Reeve
100 Andy Walsh
150 Jasmine Green
250 Lauren Hart
There were only nine of you who landed on the nefarious noughty step on Saturday:
? Michael Slack 18:00
? Josh Skipper 21:00
? Adam Doctor 21:00
? Martina Smith 26:00
? Callum Harling 26:00
? Stuart Chalmers 29:00
? Jayne Eaton 41:00
? Catherine Moon 41:00
? Robert Skedgell 59:00
We have some amazing milestones to celebrate this week, these Vegan Runners have run the following incredible number of parkruns! Cheers and whoops with lashings of applause and congratulations for:
Geoff Roberson 100
Nikki Graham 100
Daisy Wilson 150
Sue House 150
Adam Kirsh 200
James Caygill 350
Incredible achievements and fantastic consistency representing the Vegan Runners’ club and veganism in particular. ?????????
Vegan Runners who achieved the top age grade at their parkrun this week were:
Matthew Faupel 72.77%
Sue Waller 74.35%
Philip Nind 77.30%
Fantastic repping ?? ????.
And last but not least, let’s hear it for our repdigit reppers, and whilst we’re on the subject, thank you to Gary who coded a magical way to find these elusive numbers. As I’m such an incompetent novice I haven’t got the code to work yet, but where there’s a will… Meanwhile, manual shouts go to:
Caroline McAleese
Lesley Connors
Annabelle Nothnagel
Ryan Pollock
Lee Billinghurst
Colette Rudland
Seren Darrell
David Stephens-Mikesch
Jim McAlwane
Kevin Morris
Doug Porter
Rosie Brown
Rachel Billinghurst
Jennifer Whittle
Danny Russell
Gareth Rogers
Katrina Harling
Penny Humble
Eoghan Bickley
Alice Nicolay
Laurence Russell
Amanda Holtey
Elizabeth Czaban
Gary Beeston
Sarah Clubb
Jane London
Imogen Michel
Wendy Brigstock
Suzanne Whiteside
Martin Bell
Emma Bartlett
Judy Johnson
Nicola Toogood
Margaret Pritchard
Ruth Jordan
Sharon Maria Boland
Hannah Jones
Mike McBeth
David Raza
Ajay Astbury-Jones
Yay! Well done to one and all!
I’m away for a couple of weeks so thank you in advance to Mike and Gary for stepping in to garner the data and craft the reports ??.
Keep running and repping – we’re doing a fantastic job of raising awareness of veganism.
For anyone who hasn’t downloaded the 5k app yet I really recommend it; you can see all your parkrun stats and volunteering roles, there are reviews of different parkrun locations, Vegan Runners’ results and so much more!
? Thank you to Stacie Moss for this week’s fab pic from Sandringham! ?