Parkrun report 3rd of June 2023

Parkrun report 3rd of June 2023

The weather for the first parkrun of June and start of England’s metereological summer was fine with sunshine across most of the UK with the gods shining especially brightly on Mike Harper’s 500th event. CONGRATULATIONS, Mike! More on your milestone later…. Read on.

Vegan Runners repped at less events this week compared to last week, but our other numbers keep going up:

  • VRs Attending parkrun events: 826
  • VR Finishers: 761
  • Number of events attended: 353

Mike’s 500th was the biggest meet-up with 33 VRs attending Durlston Country Park parkrun. Other meetups were held at:

Ashton Court: 13
Lowestoft parkrun: 12
Coldham’s Common parkrun: 10
Worcester and Forest Rec: 8
Endcliffe, St Albans, Fælledparken, Bournemouth, Preston, Brighton, Chadderton Hall and Clapham Common parkrun: 7
Banbury, Southsea, Hove Promenade and Swansea Bay parkrun: 6
Southampton, Ashford, Moors Valley, Rothwell, Stevenage, Pontypridd, Exeter Riverside and Blaise Castle parkrun: 5

Top three speedy gents this week: Elliot Hind (15:56), Matt Edmonds (16:41) and Philip Nind (16:55) – amazing times!
Top three speedy ladies: Kelsey Wiberley (19:30), Caroline McAleese (19:38) and Kate Telford (20:01)

PLANT POWER!🌳🌴🌱🌿☘️🍀🎍 NO need for a bacon sarnie thank you, love those comments, as it gives us the opportunity to explain that we don’t eat animals and get all the protein we need directly from plants 💚🖤💚🖤


Top age graded kudos this week goes to:
Michael Slack 17:10 VM40-44 81.36 %
Andrew Millis 20:43 VM60-64 79.49 %
Lesley Connors 22:12 VW45-49 73.72 %
Smashing it.

The average time for all Vegan Runners this week was…… another sub 30 of 00:29:55! Go, VRs, we’re amazing.

On the Noughtie Step! Hardly anyone made it this week, so CGSOs just for five of you:

22:00 Jonathan Morris
30:00 Tracey Leivers
32:00 Remi Liddle
33:00 Kirk Shepherd
41:00 Lauren Hart

Thirteen of you bagged a finish token with a multiple of 50, so shout outs to:
50 Chris Dixon
50 Matt Salisbury
100 Teresa Caswell
100 Melanie Edwards
150 Robyn ToddBrooklands
150 Victoria Pallen
200 Marcine Hammond
200 Abigail Cast
200 Paul M White
250 Teresa Musty
250 Alessandro Francesco
350 Alice Connor
400 Debbie Pentland

Repdigit Reps this week were:

11th: Matthew Rhodes, Gary Farquharson, Peter French, Paul Millsom, Alberto Da Re (hi!)
22nd: Tommy Kirk, Alfie Carr, David Wilson
33rd: Nicola Blatherwick, Lynn Law
44th: Richard Twine, Matthew Privett, Rosie Brown, Antony Byatt
55th: Gareth Rogers, John Pellegrini, Catrin Simon, Lesley Anne Ashton, Michael Sennett, Carmel Pragnell
66th: Craig Rouse, Rachel Billinghurst, Ruth Morrello, Jasmine Green, Mark Hill, Dianne Simpson, Emily Rawlins
77th: Patrick Morrello, Richey Estcourt
88th: Matt Prichard, Vicky Sullivan, Megan Miley
99th: Matt Walker, Stacey Brown, Dave Mandy, Kathryn Lamb, Mark Cox, Bob Stephenson
111th: Dylan Rogers, Phil Sowerby-Williams, Tamsin Crothers, Sophie Ewart, Keith Gilbert, Stephen Nash
222nd: Jacq Byers, Claire Walker
333rd: Keshab Bhattarai, Sarah Lee


### 2023 VRUK parkrun League ###

Number of Global parkrundays so far in 2023: 28
Number of UK parkrundays so far in 2023: 23

New entries in 10 Fastest Times of 2023:
2nd 2023-06-03 00:15:56 Elliot Hind

And last but not least, Milestones this week for:

Keith Bremner 150
Richey Estcourt 200
Mike Harper 500

Just a word about the wonderful Mike Harper. Mike set up the VR FB group in 2016, it’s grown a bit since then! Anyone who has met him knows that Mike is super friendly, always encouraging, not only to VRs but also cheers all the other runners in. He has an amazing ability to remember people after even one meeting and always seems to know their names. Pretty much everyone loves him from first meeting so he is a great asset to the club and veganism in general.

Have a good week everyone and don’t forget to look out for next Saturday’s parkrun poll from our lovely Mike I’ll be RD at Avery Hill (Greenwich parkrun) please come along! Xx

Photo credits: Mike Harper