Parkrun report 29th of July 2023

Parkrun report 29th of July 2023

What an exciting week with the annual VR campout taking place at Bicester this year where an incredible 300 Vegan Runners grabbed a barcode! That’s an absolutely amazing turnout! I know Mike was there and will be providing some inside info on the event later this week.

Overall, we had 968 Vegan Runners attending parkrun events with 903 scanned, which means that 65 of you volunteered. It was a repdigit number of events attended this week with VRs repping at 333 different locations.

The most popular events after Bicester on this last parkrun of July 2023 were:

16 at Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun
8 at Swansea Bay, Ross-on-Wye and Queen’s parkrun, Glasgow
7 at Folkestone, Hastings and Centre Vale parkrun
6 at Southsea and Exeter Riverside parkrun
5 at Bournemouth, Markeaton, Preston Park parkrun, Brighton and Bognor Regis parkrun.


We had 18 Vegan Runners who came first in their gender position, congratulations to:

18:26 Daniel Borrett

17:46 Scott Braunton

16:30 Elliot Palmer

17:53 Jake Stephens

16:59 Philip Nind

17:15 Tom Carpenter

18:10 Christopher Pearson

18:04 Alex Hinchcliffe

22:04 Tracy Moroz

22:19 Heather Travis

19:42 Caroline Mcaleese

20:17 Catherine Charlton

20:43 Naomi Sutton

19:46 Paula Blackledge

20:12 Kelsey Wiberley

20:42 Hester Hill

21:16 Kate Telford

23:16 Charmain Fowler-Jones


? Nine-all this week for men and women! ?

The average time for all Vegan Runners was …. 29:53! Yet another sub-30. ?Absolutely brilliant times. ??

Vegan Runners who earned themselves a barcode number which was a multiple of 50 gain a shout-out of course, well done to:

50 Sarah Laws

50 Tom Rogers

50 Mike Rogers

100 Laura Wright

100 Vicky Sullivan

100 Paul Juan

100 Luke Morris

150 Su Justice

200 Sonia Crisp

300 Laura Bateman

350 Caragh Johnson

350 Connor Bridgeland-Knowles

400 Suzette Elizabeth Bosman

450 Gemma Baker

500 Jenny Harrison

550 Michelle Steer

600 Roger Hare

650 Lynn Persse


Totally awesome top age grading at their parkruns this week were gained by:

Tracy Moroz 85%

Daniel Borrett 85%

Paul Millsom 82%

Christopher Pearson 80%

Michael Burgess 78%

Darren Francis 74%

Graham Godden 68%

Incredible stats! ???????????



?????A massive twenty of you landed on the noughty step this week! ?????

18:00 Darren Francis

20:00 Daniel Palmer-Jones

21:00 Gary Farquharson

21:00 Adam Doctor

23:00 Steve Bates

24:00 Samuel Dowse

24:00 Alan Burgess

25:00 Andy Gosling

25:00 Chris Calvert

25:00 Joseph Baxter

26:00 Elena Roebuck

27:00 Philippa Wheeler

28:00 Justin Bowen

29:00 Susie Sloman

32:00 Remi Liddle

34:00 Ian Thurston

36:00 Sue Tozer

37:00 Sue House

38:00 Emily Siddorn

40:00 Katy Wilson


Many parkrun events host their pacer sessions on the last day of the month – I’d be interested to know if any of you noughties were pacers this week – if so that is incredible pacing and repping and double congratulations are definitely in order! ???☘??

I can’t go without mentioning our repdigit reppers. I love numbers and words, so for me, a repdigit token is a great symbol of repping and being numerically significant as a Vegan Runner! Might sound mad but makes sense to me! ?So CGSOs this week also for:

Darren Comeau

Lee Billinghurst

Jon Forbes

Charlie Cooper

Annabelle Nothnagel

Alex Robertson
Cath Peakin

Hester Hill
Richey Estcourt

Jerry Barnes

Kevin Athawes

Stuart Abel

Barri Edwards
Stephen Todd

Han Whiteoak
Andy Gosling

Emily Bruchez

Colin Braybrook

Jenny Mitcham

Bob Doig

Chris Dixon

Jan Feeley
Edward Owen

Lindsey Cotterill

Saffy Walton

Philippa Wheeler
Jack Gaughan

Steve Clout

Jo Godman

Nadja Stephens-Mikesch

Kelly Langford

Ian Smith
Lucy Du Cros

Sandra Helk

Mo Warrillow
Catherine Mcdonnell

Lisa Jepson
Tim Windram

Charlotte Brown

Katy Murrell
Maya Luscombe

??☘️? Brilliant repping everyone, you’re all doing an amazing job raising awareness of the importance and benefits of veganism. Did you know that a vegan diet, apart from not harming animals, impacting positively on the environment and improving physical health also improves mental health? Check out Science reviews on nutritional psychology if you’re interested. ??☘️?

Watch out for Mike’s upcoming posts – I think he might be reporting on the VR Bicester campout. Also of course we have the weekly parkrun poll to look forward to. ??

Apologies for missing any amazing milestones this week – I couldn’t spot any on facebook and have no other way of picking them up.

Thanks to Richard Evans for this week’s report pic from Queen’s parkrun in Glasgow. Have a great week everyone – and enjoy the rain!