Parkrun report 22nd of July 2023

Parkrun report 22nd of July 2023

The tutu’s were out in force on Saturday, thanks to Joanna Tomlinson, Kerry May, Louise Luna Galvin, Lori Bateman, Susan Martin for the photos, fabulous 🙂
Also out in force, Vegan Runners!
799 were in the scanned and volunteer combo, with 737 getting scanned.
We were at 358 different parkruns.

186 of you solo repped, but no solo repping at Hampstead Heath where this weeks photo comes from, as Bristol VR’s went on tour again and met up with some London VR’s, 23 were scanned here 🙂

Three other big get togethers stood out, good numbers at :-

There were 6 runners scanned at Southsea, Eastleigh, Burgess, Cassiobury, Alvaston, Hove Prom, Blaise Castle, Eastbourne, Whitstable, Hastings.
Another 10 parkruns had 5 runners scanned, so some nice groups forming all around the U.K.

We had an incredible 21 Vegan Runners in 1st place this week, a narrow win for the Women, 11-10 🙂
Congrats to :-
Kelsey Wiberley – Warwick
Caro Line – Ashton Court
Paula BlackEdge – Brighton & Hove
Naomi Sutton – Gnoll
Tracy Moroz – Sunny Hill
Elly Maggs – Margate
Heather Travis – Ford
Dawn Williams – Tapijn
Kirsty Atkinson – Aldinga Beach
Jen Conway – Drumchapel
Tracey Leivers – Brierley Forest

Philip Nind – Sherwood Pines
Jake Stephens – Chippenham
Tom Carpenter – Milford Waterfront
Louis Kowal – Foots Cray Meadows
Tom Seller – East Grinstead
Scott Braunton – Bargara
Jamie Kinghorn – Montrose
Daniel Borrett – Ipswich
David Patton – Crawfordsburn
Khan Nothnagel – Stilbaai Westbeach

12 runners landed right on the Noughty step this week, out of a possible 737.

18.00 Graham Godden
19.00 Joseph Brown
20.00 Zach Kowal
22.00 Adam Cook
23.00 Damian Luscombe
24.00 Nathan Roche
25.00 Dan Coughlan
25.00 Mer Clare
27.00 Craig Tessyman
32.00 Christine Ramsey-Wade
33.00 Paul Moss
38.00 Steve Miller

Huge congratulations to Gerard Watson on joining the Cowell Club, that’s 100 different parkrun locations.

Other milestones, also deserving of a shout out.

100th parkrun – Lori Bateman
150th parkrun – Alina Williamson
200th – Gordon Smith
200th – Wendy Littlewood
400th Jillian Bourgeois

We had just 5 runners achieving the top age grade overall at their parkrun, so IMO still the most impressive performances.
Congrats to :-

Geoff Greg at Yarborough Leisure Centre
Caro Line at Ashton Court
Stephen Boynton at Wetherby
Zach Kowal at Foots Cray Meadow
Tom Seller at East Grinstead

Next SHOUT OUT to everyone who managed to snaffle a token with 50 or 100, 150, 200, 250 etc!

50th Lydia Kirk
50th Julia Szajdzicka
50th Kathy Shaw
50th Tom Rogers
50th Edward Hall-Green
100th Kellie Clark
100th Maggie Clark
100th Evan Winfield
100th Phil McCluskey
150th Teresa Musty
150th Emily Jane Krombas
150th Sara Hinch
250th Karen Page
250th Laura Arnold
300th Rosalie Hoskins
450th Elaine McDonnell McMillan

Some extra stats from our top statto Mr Gary Sherin.

There have been 30 U.K parkrun opportunities in 2023.
I’m one of 13 VR’s who have run 30 parkruns, but there are additional opportunities outside the U.K and we have 5 runners scanned 31 times, 4 more scanned 33 times, and our top rep has managed 34 of the 37 possible, some dedication!

Vegan Runners have been scanned at 924 locations worldwide in 2023.

Obviously there are occasional cancellations which can mean a parkrun can’t top this particular list but only

have had VR’S scanned 30 times this year.
A further 12 parkruns have had VR’s scanned 29 times, so possibly still 100% representation if say one has been cancelled.

This list is due for a major revision this Saturday, but currently our top 3 parkruns with numbers of different VR’s is

Finally to the speedies, this weeks top 10.

16.37 Philip Nind
17.10 Jake Stephens
17.10 Tom Carpenter
17.16 Geoff Greg
17.31 Louis Kowal
17.37 Tom Seller
17.39 Toby Crisford
17.42 Scott Braunton
17.53 Elliot Kayden Collins
18.00 Graham Godden

19.53 Kelsey Wiberley
19.58 Caro Line
20.10 Paula BlackEdge
20.13 Katie Louise Wright
20.27 Jo Fleming
20.57 Kate Telford
21.04 Nadine McCrea
21.06 Naomi Sutton
21.08 Mary Scott
21.15 Hester Hill

It’s been a while since I wrote a report so apologies if I’ve missed a section or tagged the wrong person!
We have a massive parkrun Saturday coming up, but let’s keep that separate for now as the weekly poll will be out tomorrow 🙂
Well done and thank you to everyone who repped this week, next week we’re back with Cathy Genovese for the CGSO’s, better grammar and punctuation and the repdigit which I didn’t manage.