Park Run Options for Brighton Vegan Runners Meet-up

There are now two Park Run venues in the Brighton & Hove area, the new venue is at Preston Park where the marathon started last month otherwise the local vegan runners group has been meeting monthly at the Hove Park Run (in Hove Park).
The local group contact Dave Arnold would like to know if local group members would like to
1. Continue to have one meet-up per month, alternating between the two parks
2. Meet at both venues each month on separate Saturdays i.e, 2nd Sat at Hove Park and 3rd Sat at Preston Park
3. Don’t mind either
You can e-mail / text your option to Dave on or 07557954836 (smart phone).
For first timers, the free public 5K event starts at 9am, you just need to register once for a barcode on or  and bring a printout along. Your barcode can be used at all Park Run venues. You can also go other Saturdays and run with the other 300 or so runners who turn up or even help with the marshalling and receive additional points.
If you have vegan runners kit, please do wear it to the event as it will help us meet, raise awareness amongst the other runners and possibly recruit more members or contacts. If you would like to order some kit please reply to Peter Simpson on .
Following the Park Run, the Brighton Vegan Runners meet in the Park Café.