Paid the price for risking the Flitwick 10K

At the end of March I noticed an injury starting to develop near the end of an interval session and after a break from running over Easter, my first slow run on return revealed no improvement. With 11 days to go before the Flitwick 10K I thought there was a chance of recovery to allow me to take part. In 2009 I was also injured (calf strain) prior to the event and did not risk it, this time it was a different injury in the ankle area.

Come the day, there was no sign of the injury, even after cycling for 1.5 hours to reach the venue. My aim was just to get round so lined up around the 45 minutes marker. Started well although a little tired from the cycle ride. Gradually moved up the field and passed half way I guess in about 22-23 mins but thereafter the injury started to surface and it quickly became too much to continue. It was a warm day so no chance of getting cold as I walked the 4K or so to the finish. I thought I maybe close to finishing last but in fact there were still another 79 runners behind me.

Also taking part in his first race since recently joining was Ben O’Hare. Not owning a club vest yet, I could not pick out Ben when he passed me shortly before the finish.