Only one marathon per week is a taper, right?

We hear from Anna who is busy keeping her hand in (should that be feet in?) for the 10in10 next month…

A fantastic weekend away in Stratford-upon-Avon. We got the train up on Friday after work and stayed in a lovely little B&B not far from the centre. We spent Saturday wandering around town, where there was Shakespeare’s birthday parade, many brass bands, acting, cheerleading, morris dancing and drumming. We hired a rowing boat and Jim rowed me along the Avon in a manly fashion (as usual). Drinks by the river with comedy geese entertaining us. Pizza for dinner. And a beautiful sunny day.

On Sunday, I had hoped to run a relaxed sub 4, but my legs didn’t want to play. I figured that after running fast last week, combined with the cumulative effect of a huge mileage over the last couple of months, my legs deserved a rest. So I took it very easy and came in at 4:24:39. That’ll do. The taper for the 10in10 starts now.

I met a fellow vegan runner on the way round. He wasn’t wearing a VRUK vest though, so I told him to get one!
(Ed: who was that mystery runner?…)