Northants Ultra – trophy pix!

Northants Ultra – trophy pix!

Anna Finn uses the word “tough” – be afraid, be very afraid

The Northants Ultra was quite tough yesterday. The course wasn’t too bad: a mixture of road and trail. The heavy rain only lasted a few miles before the sunshine dried us out. What slowed us down (apart form the cloying mud in some of the fields, oh and the many stiles) [Northants muddy? Who knew! – Ed] was that we had to keep stopping to check the map, align the compass and make sure we were heading in the right direction. Funnily enough, what clearly looks like a trail on the map doesn’t always look that way in real life… Still, I don’t think we got too lost. A slow time, but I finished joint 2nd place female! Even got a trophy for it. So feeling chuffed about the day after all.

I think it’s back to back marathons next weekend, nice…

Well done Anna – and let’s hope other vegan runners are inspired to send in their trophy pix – don’t be shy, people!