New VR sportswear news

New VR sportswear news

Vegan Runners Web Shop Update

Since April, we’ve been making quite a few changes to try and improve what kit we offer, and how we offer it.

Key things to be aware of are:

1: Vests – We are changing our vest supplier to Scimitar. The new vests have had positive test reviews, hopefully redress some of the sizing concerns around the current vests, and we can offer them at a cheaper price. The new vests should be available from early October and for now we have a sale on the current stock !

2: Running Tees – We are also changing our short-sleeved running tee supplier to Ronhill. Again, the new tees will hopefully redress the sizing concerns around the current tees, have the VR logo printed rather than stitched into the garment and be quite a bit cheaper, offering better value for money.

So head over to the VR shop and we hope to see many of you in the new designs in the near future !

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